Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Feeling

If only I had said the way I feel inside

Maybe I'll be no worst off than I'm right now

I Miss You....

Monday, March 23, 2009

“Weather, climate and the air we breathe”.

Hi all,

Each year, on 23 March, the World Meteorological Organization, its 188 Members and the worldwide meteorological community celebrate World Meteorological Day around a chosen theme (source: http://www.wmo.ch/wmd/).

This year, the theme is “Weather, climate and the air we breathe”. So guys, each one of you have its role to play in order to increase the effectiveness in preventing and mitigating natural disasters.

p/s: To start with, how about join the world for Earth Hour. The event will be held this coming Saturday, 28th Mac 2009 at 8.30pm (LT) and you can participate simply by switching off your lights for one hour. Join now, it means a lot yaw :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Man U ohhh Man U

MU ohhhh MU......

Pleaseeee come to back to your best, I know you can do it

Just don't stop believin' and trust me, we will win it all

Glory glory MU!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Iyer ke???

Kejadian 1: Cik Aini nampak dah susut sekarang ni..

Kejadian 2: Aini tu buat sukan extreme ke sampai kurus camtu sekali?

Kejadian 3: Kami takkan tertipu dengan ilusi optik dari baju yang kau pakai...

dan banyakkkkk lagi... semua dalam minggu ni sahaja

Macam tak percaya??? Saya menerima banyak sungguh pujian pada minggu ini (walaupun saya rasa sama sahaja) Semua pujian saya balas dengan kuntuman senyuman yang amat manis sekali :) Tatkala ini, semakin berkobar jiwaku mahu mencapai sasaran, I'm getting there yaw, yehaaaa!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What is happening to me?

I know it's the unusual me but I can't help it.. I don't feel good, and damnnn it's teribble. I can definitely sense it eating me alive.. Ohhhhhhhh boy, how can I make this feeling go away???

Weekend Gateaway

I barely remember when was the last time I menjejakkan kaki to Cameron Highland... must be many years ago tho hahaha I have always visualize Cameron as another Genting Highland (minus the theme park) ermmmm I was absolutely wrong, Cameron way too much better yaw. The place is so beautiful, very relaxing and I love this place so much and definitely will come back.

BOH Sungei Palas, Tea Center

Tea n Scones is a MUST!!!

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely

Monday, March 9, 2009


Ini adalah tagged daripada Tursina. Lemme try to get this one done.....

Rules: The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.

I am:

I really want to go to:

My favorite place:

My favorite thing:

My favorite drink:

My favorite food:

My favorite colour:

I live in:

I was born in:

I attend(ed):

My favorite show:

This is my hobby:

I definitely wish for:

Now let me pass the baton to:
1. Eqeen
2. Zaila
3. Pial
4. Yuzray
5. Hawa
6. Fer

p/s: Rakan-rakan, hutang tagged yang lain-lain akan dilunaskan kemudian yer :)

Ladies Nite Out

Date: 19 Feb 2009
Venue: Waroeng Penyet, The Curve
Who were there: Linda, Nana, Hawa, Nanie, Puteri and yours truly, luvly me
Agenda: Makan-makan, update-update, story-mory etc

Overall, everybody were having such a lovely time, perhaps more kejadian jumpa-jumpi after this. Rite ladies??

Sang - 26 yang jelita

Welcome to the club: 'Aatikah

Saturday, March 7, 2009

All About Hong Kong

I know, bukan malas nak update cuma tak berpeluang sahaja (nana cam kenal tak ayat ni) hehee... Ok, it's about time to story mory about my recent vacation to Hong Kong. The vacation was fantastic plus we the fabulous ladies makes it even merrier. The trip start out really good for me, mana taknya, sepanjang 3-hrs flight to HK ditemani oleh jejaka ganteng dari Perth. Pheuwww seriouly handsome ni (berdarah-darah hidung macam dalam Anime) Akibatnya Miss Arina sgt tak keruan sepanjang perjalanan kerana duduk berjauhan dengan Miss Anne, sorry Na, seat tu untuk 2 org jer kah kah kah...

So kalau dah ada kat HK, memang tak sah kalau tak membeli-belah dan melawat semua marketnya.. Yeap, HK mmg penuh dengan segala macam jenis markets n senang nak cari sbb some shopping streets dedicated to specific products categories. For example, kalau nak beli jade, boleh pergi Jade's Market, kalau nak shops for t-shirt, souvenir, jackets etc boleh pergi Ladies Market, Stanley Market atau Jardine's Cressent, nak beli bunga ada Flower Market, Ap Liu Street for 2nd hand electronic and electric devices, and they even have Goldfish market kalau nak beli ikan emas atau apa2 berkaitan pets pheuwwwwww banyak sungguh and kami pun tak sempat nak melawat semua.


1. HK, Cost of Living is expensive. (Kalau bukan kerana Efa, mesti tak melawat HK seawal ni. Thanks Efa)
2. HK has excellent public transportation network. So, it's very easy to get around HK. You can opt for bus, ferry, MTR or Tram but nt taxi yer
3. The quest for halal food agak susah. Kalau ada pun banyaknya Indian's cuisine (which I did not favor that much)
4. The city has the most skycrappers than any other city in the world. Ya ampun, susah beno nak jumpa building yang kurang dr 10 tingkat.
5. Don't even think of buying flowers during Valentine's. Takai desu ne (1 simple bouquet = RM400++) sighhh

Here are some photos taken during the vacation

Nathan Road

Symphony Of Light, Jade Market, Ladies Market

Some actions @ Avenue of Stars

See top-right, ala-ala twin tower tu sbnrnya kondo.. pheuww tinggi tol

Ocean Park

Flower Market, Ap Liu Street, Limau Bali n Goldfish Market

V-day celebration at Stanley n The Peak

Oh yer, a bit frustrated sebab kejadian mencampak limau bali tak dapat ditunaikan.. Dah bersemangat bagai nak buat,terpaksa dipendamkan dahulu hua hua hua. Tapi aktivitas paling best ialah berpiknik di Stanley dan Dinner di The Peak on V-day. Best bangat yaw.. The trip ends very quickly, I wish I can stay a little bit longer, tapi takleh cuti lama-lama plak but anyways we sure had so muchhhhhhh fun. Can't wait for next vacation :)

Luvly me

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