Friday, August 27, 2010

It's finally here....

I've been waiting for this book for so long, since April 2010 to be exact. I've read all the shopaholic books, oh boy they are so addictive! Saw this book at Kinokuniya last Friday but since Raya is coming up, terpaksa melupakan hajat untuk membeli buku tersebut walaupun tido malam ku tidak akan lena terkenang-kenang Rebecca Bloomwood Junior huhu. Hopefully the smaller paperback version will be out on shelves by next month, if not tak keruan beb. Till my next post, toodles!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Dear Sis,

I know I can't afford neither Tissot nor great holiday getaway at Legend Water Challet nor fine dining at Alexis for your birthday, so this is the least i can do for you on your very special day. May each hour and minute be filled with delight & may all your dreams and wishes come true. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Salaam Ramadan

To my dearest family, friends & Muslim all around the globe

Wishing you Ramadan filled with prayers, blessing & joy. Jika ada salah & silap harap dimaafi.

Have a blessed Ramadan!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Is Over!

Ohhhh it's already Sunday. Rasa baru je weekend mula. Friday night, I had a blast singing with Miss E and her besties, Zaila & Farihah. Saturday, I'd my very last run for e month. It's not a big event tho, 4.2k mini-marathon organized by my office. I could still remember the day that I almost passed-out when they made me run Bukit Gasing 3 years back. Seriously, nak melepaskan Chinese Temple pun rasa dah nak pengsan ni pulak nak berlari Bukit Gasing. That was then, yesterday was absolutely different. I enjoyed every single running step that I made. We started off quite late at about 8.40am and alhamdullilah the weather was nice. Cloudy and breezy, oh I'm loving it. I finished in 26mins (or 30mins - lupa nak set jam punya kes) and ranked #1 in women open category. Wehooooo, winning #1 - ultimately beautiful and being escorted by the policeman almost all the time was definitely great. "Cepat dik, cepat dik awak yang first ni" said the policeman as I approach the finish line. Hurm apa lagi, zass terus memecut ke depan risau nanti ada yang potong pulak. Oh my sweet victory, enjoy it while it lastlah kan ;)

the route

~my prize~

Ramadan is coming in 2 days, then I supposed yesterday race is going to be my last run event before Ramadan break. Perfect time for recovery. Me and my sister, we have been so actively running to the extend that our legs muscles are sore. I've listed things that I wanna do during the break. Apart from beribadat (that is #1 priority), I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT! OMG, I think I have packed on a few extra pounds for the past 2 month. Makan tak tentu arah katanya, so now is the perfect time to start my healthy diet ritual or else it's gonna be hard for me to start my training regime after Raya. For your info, I've registered for my very first HM in November and I plan to begin my HM training after Raya. Meaning to say, if I didn't manage to lose this extra pounds of my body weight during puasa, gosh I'm extremely in big trouble. Furthermore I don't want to look fat for Raya, NO! and I need to look good for Cik AH wedding ;) Cik AH you're my inspiration, mana boleh kurus sorang-sorang hehehe.

Lagi satu, I need to get back my original skin tone or at least 1 shade fairer than what I'm now. OMG, I'm seriously over-tanned and even my lil bro is fairer than me now. Truly unacceptable! Since my last holiday at Sabah, susah giler nak cerah balik. I'm really scared if I'm stuck with this dark-choc-brown tone forever. Punyalah seram sampai rasa nak beli serbuk mutiara from kedai sensei tonyoh satu badan tiap-tiap hari hehehe So if you have any product or natural tips on how to get smooth-and-fair complexions pleaseeeeeeeeee help me with it ok (bunyi terdesak giler). So oklah, I think that is all for now, nak pergi makan Korean BBQ (makan lagi 'slapped forehead') till my next post, toodles!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shape Night Run 2010

The day started out with a morning run at our usual park with Mr Wan and crew. Kunun-kunun nak warm-up untuk race malam. Berlari-lari kami berlari, semangat giler ni, yelah dah lama tak turun training so panic ar masing-masing. Takut malam nanti langsung kaki tak boleh nak angkat. Niat di hati nak lari 4k (aishh cukuplah tu karang tak bertenaga pulak) sekali just before loop ke Taman Rusa, Mr Wan mencelah "girls, usually if the race is on the next morning, u can still have a short run today, but if the race is tonite, it's not necessarily to run, afraid that you will not get enough time to recover". beddebush, dan-dan tu jugak terus berhenti berlari dan berjalan menikmati keindahan taman hahaha.

Kejadian selepas Lake Garden was chaotic. Had our breakfast at Hartamas, went back home, out again to KL& PJ and by the time we reached home sudah capek bangat tapi dapatlah rehat sekejap pastu terus bersiap ke Putrajaya. It was raining heavily in KL so kenalah keluar awal sikit to avoid traffic madness. Aiyooyooo, bila hujan ni dah boleh bayangkan 'keazaban' nak lari malam ni. All the best je lah!

Amazingly, sampai Putrajaya tak hujan langsung cuma mendung sikit. Syukur, at least takdelah panas sangat. Memandangkan pagi tadi dah warm-up, kami memang malas nak warm-up lagi. hehehe. Biasalah, on every event kami mesti berdiri dekat depan-depan. yelah, confirm slow, kalau tunggu jauh nun di belakang confirm lagi lambat sampai hehehe. We were flagged off at 8pm sharp, all at the same time! Luckily i did browse the Shape web before the race because siapa yang tak tengok web, kat receipt depa habaq start 8.20pm. Fuhhh, 20mins tu babe, kalau pro dah nak dekat sampai dah. Oh lupa pulak, ini first time kami compete dalam 'Competetive Category', sebelum ni fun run je. Bagus-bagus ada improvement.

I'm doing well for the first 5k. I even survived the hills, some even refer it as "syaitoon hills" hehe but after 7k, my feet were really starting to tire. My calves and soles were aching, and I know I had to slow down to reduce the pain. There goes my dream to be the first 75 to arrive and grab the limited finisher medal sob sob. Miss E certainly ahead of me as i can't see a glimpse of her since we started. Eh ke dia tak larat nak lari, so naik van balik? haha melawak jer. Good for her, if not jadi bahan tak sudahlah gamaknya. Throughout the race, the weather was really nice and breezy, nothing like Putrajaya Night Race or ENR. There were adequate water stations at every 3km but hurmmm totally unprepared and we have to wait just to get the cup filled with H2O. Again, there goes a few minutes of my precious time.

Back to my run, thank God i was able to kept up my steady-slow pace till the end. Cuma lagi enak kalau takde detour at the very last 2km. Serius saiko tahap gaban bila dah letih giler, boleh nampak garisan penamat, boleh dengar orang bersorak sekali kena pusing untuk habiskan larian. Damn, jiwa kacau betul. But anyway, officially i finished the 12.3k race in 1:24:24 and ranked 119/679. Oh ye, congratulations to Miss E sebab berjaya menamatkan larian dalam 1:21:53. Overall, kecewalah jugak tak dapat medal tapi we had lot of fun especially dapat bag yang sweet itu. Till my next post, toodles!

Miss E & Meena.

gambar pre-race memang banyak. dah puas warm up lah katakan

my first drink after the race. very refreshing.

with Joline, Jessica & the rest of our running gang

with Ruby


tadaaa. nice kan?

smile for the camera. see that little brown bag? ;)

beautiful hair accesory plus i love my yellow bag ;)

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