Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nanie's Hens Night Out

In two days time, our very best friend will be someone else's wife... Nanie, it's the least that we can do for you darling and we really hope that you had a great time coz we had so much fun as well, kan tinana? Serabut satu hari sbb the first spa ditch us at the very last minute,memang takkan sekali-kali mencadangkan spa bengong tu untuk apa2 event!!! Now, lets the pictures tells the story...

The Bride-To-Be

The Planner

The Pemeriah No1

The Pemeriah No2

At Bangsar South

Happy Mode

At Khareyana's (Tu gmbr Tinana syioks sendiri)

Checking out the menu

At OldTown Bangsar South

Luvly Us

The End

Malakoff Run 2009

Nervous bangat sebab,

1. Tak cukup rehat (Nanie's Day Out, Sue's Wedding etc)
2. No training at all
3. 6km became 7km (aduhaiiii)
4. Route: Berbukit bukau segala bagai

Hip Hip Horray!!! We finished the race in 35mins (not bad lah kan? Hebat jugak sebenarnya hehe) Tapi tak tahan tengok the 12km runners sampai sama je with the 7km runners. Akan berusaha lebih jitu lepas ni. Looking forward untuk race seterusnya yehaaa :)

Time to catch out our breath

On the way back to the carpark

p/s: Bila nak start training ni Miss E?

December Weddings

To all the newlyweds,


Jibam and Aiza



Am & Azraf



p/s: Minta maaf banyak2 kepada sesiapa yang telah menjemput tetapi akibat kekangan masa tidak dapat memenuhi kesemua undangan tersebut. Apa2 pun, Congratulations to you too :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cameron-ing Again!!!

On the way back from Sg Petani last Friday, my sister were saying that it would be nice if we could stop by somewhere and spend couple of hours just to relax. Long story short, the idea to Cameron came from Miss E and yeahhh, I agreed straight away (jalan-jalan sapa nak tolak kan?) as the past few weeks has been tough for me plus she's the one driving anyway 'wink'

3 perkara wajib kami buat/dapat tatkala berada di Cameron;

1. Tea and scones at BOH Tea Center, Sungei Palas. Simply beautiful place to chill out!!!

2. Strawberry Juice from Gerai Zasiah. Sangat sedap at reasonable price of RM3 (siap tapau 2 lagi)

3. Last but not least, Delicious Strawberry Strudels from Strawberry Moments. I had two of these as well :)

Yikes, I am 3-kilos heavier at the end of the day but tak kisahlah, we really-really had a great time together. Kan Qeen?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Luvly Friends

Came across these photos while browsing my picture's folder

sighhhhh, i'm missing you girls so muchhhhhh

hugs hugs kiss kiss

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