Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fer's Wedding

I know something is not right somewhere so I have to delete my previous entry and come out with this post. So here it goes, we went to Fer-bam-bam-bear-wedding last last Sunday. Lama bangat baru nak story mory, well it's not me the one yang malas, blame it on the home connection, mengs ntah apa-apa. Something teribbly bad happened on the way to Fer's house that caused us kelambatan maksima (kami ialah orang sangat punctual yer)... Tapi Fer kami stay sampai majlis habis tau, gils buat macam rumah sendiri tak ingat hahaha(bersama-sama Nanie n Arina)

so my dear friend Fer n Wifey, Congratulations!!!

The Newlyweds and Us


And the bestest among all...

Gorgeous Us- Me, Nanie and Arina. Luvly sangat kan?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A little update...

I have been very-very busy for the past 3 weeks, and don't really have that much time to update the blog plus the network at home is bengong ntah apa2. So here is a long post of updates...

- From 12 -14 June mengikuti 'Program Pelayaran Familiarasi KD Perantau' in conjunction with the Ekspedisi Pelayaran Saintifik Perdana (EPSP09). So this time around, I cruised for 3 days to Pulau Perak, Kedah with navy's research vessel called KD Perantau. Alhamdullilah, the journey went smoothly and I had a really great time ;)

- Hari minggu selepas itu were filled with kain-hopping activity. Menemankan my sis sebenarnya, nak buat baju for her graduation day somewhere in August. Pheuwww, it is not an easy task, after strolling nearly 5 hrs along Jalan TAR and Jln Masjid India, finally we managed to get sumthing that is totally awesome/beautiful with a great price hehe.. balik memang puas hati :)

- Office: I have been working alone, yeap alone since 18 June 09 as my colleague, the one and only colleague went onboard KD Perantau for EPSP09 until 12 July 09. The workloads haishhhhh banyak bangat. Mana taknya membuat 4 orang punya kerja setiap hari, but Alhamdullilah I'm still alive with a healthy mind haha ( Eqeen, I think aktivitas petang kita+melihat orang2 'wow' did contibutes of keeping me sane kuts haha)

- My beloved grandpa aka TokWan passed away last Saturday. So I spend the whole weekend at kampung preparing tahlil and stuff. A very big shock to all of us as TokWan bukannya terlantar sakit ke apa, tetiba sahaja TokWan dah tiada. The fact is very hard to swallow, it is because my mom just got back from kampung on Friday and TokWan indeed is still very strong and didn't show any signs of poor health conditions. And this is why I'm so absolutely shocked by this news. Tapi my nenek yang paling sedih coz they just had breakfast together and 30 minutes later TokWan is no longer with us. If I were in my grandma shoes, tak tahulah macam mana I nak react. But Alhamdullilah, now semua macam dah ok sikit. Oh TokWan, I'm missing you already and semoga rohmu ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Al-Fatihah.

Ok, that is all for now, I'll post more entry later k... sayoonara!!

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