Monday, November 30, 2009


Hey you,

If you think that what you have just did today can make you happy for all of your life then i'll let you be. Basically, you have no idea on what you have said about me, spreading the false news and embarrassing me in front of others. Yes, congratulations to you for making me completely miserable and down but it's OK, cause in time you will find that what comes around goes around. Enuff said!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Walk for World Pink

The event was held on 3rd October 2009, yeap October peeps but now only yours truly have the time to blog about it haha Basically The Walk for World Pink is a charity walk, awareness of breast cancer, organized by Estee Lauder company, and for the first time ever the event was held here in KL...

The walk started off at 6.30pm and we arrived as early as 4.30pm (sbb nak parking best je). Oh lupa plak, I'm not alone here, I was accompanied by Eqeen and Zaila. Running (cannot tahan walking maa, lambat sampai) with my camera along was quite a challenge (yang budak 2 org ni asyik nak pose memanjang, leher aku nak cramp tak ingat huh)... Overall, we absolutely enjoyed the walk, kan ladies? =)

Ohh gelak-gelak while you can (lepas ni ada muka org tu turned blue ahaks)

While waiting for the girls...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cheer Up!!!!

To my dearest miss-you-know-who-you-are,

I didn't know much about how sad or psychoooo could you be upon breaking up but all i ever wanted is for you to move on and i believe that things happened for a reason. So cheer up and let's have lots of fun together ya. This song is dedicated specially for you, ohhh ohh ohhhh......

Luv you always and forever :)


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